How to get rich

How to get rich

First and foremost, stop listening to people on how to getting rich and start to make something for yourselves. Did Bill Gates tell you how to become richer? Or did Warren Buffett giving you any insight tips regarding investments or which stocks he is going to pick? The answer is a definite “NO”. There are many ways and methods to gain or expand your wealth, one of the conventional way is to save and accumulate your wealth through a period of time. But that way is too slow and over time, our wealth value will depreciate due to inflation. The only way is to beat the inflation and earn above. You are against the time and economy.

how to get rich

Everyone like to have a free time of their own and live a comfortable life. It might not be  filthy wealthy, but the stress of life in terms of financial will not get into your head and buzz you every morning. I, myself do wish to have those living. Financial freedom, that is what they called it.

Getting rich online

I am not going to sell you any online course or seminar here, you will not believe me anyway and will not spend you money on me to make me rich. But i just wish to share out that investment do helps on getting a better financial statement through the end of the day. It does not matter if you are buying low and sell high, or buy and hold a dividend stock, you will earn above the average overall. In of course, you must invest smartly.

Why online you will be asking? That is because, it is the most time saving tools that you can utilize and it certainly incurred the lowest capital compare to if you are starting your own business. You can buy and sell stocks instantly at home or office, you need not quit your daily job, in fact, treat the online stock trading as a hobby that will increase your bank account number. Many hobbies does generate income if you take it seriously. This goes for the stock investment nevertheless.

getting rich online

Rule of thumbs-how to get rich online

The very first rule of thumb for me to invest in the stocks market is never borrow money to invest. I will only use my hard earned savings to invest in stocks or even my bonuses to start an account online trading. In that way, you will only lose up your money and will not incurred any losses beyond that such as lending interest and lending capital which you borrow in the first place. Play safe or don’t play at all!

Secondly, pick a good online brokerage because that is your platform and bridge for your investment. Choose the one that fulfill your requirements and needs. Squeeze your money as much as possible in finding the best offer which will value for money. Be a smart consumer and never pay more than what it needs.

Thirdly, do your research in the stocks you are picking carefully and analyze. Take your time to make your decision in stock analysis. Good pay comes from hard work and diligent work, that is what i believe in.

Good luck in your investment.